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We offer a bike repair service in our workshop, where our experienced staff can spot and fix any issue or potential issue on your bike. We have 3 main packages that offer 3 levels of services, depending on what you are looking for. See below for details.

If you’re not sure, you can pop in to discuss how we can make your bike better or call us now on 0141 334 2385.

    “The safe and sensible safety check to get you around without any problems” Inspection of all parts for general wear Headset and Tuning and adjustment of gears. Tuning and adjustment of brakes. Inflation of tyres to correct pressure.
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    “Conquer those hills and smash the flats in full confidence“ Inspection of all parts for general wear Headset adjustment Full drive-train clean-up re-seat and adjustment Full brake adjustment and clean Replacement and lubrication of any parts needed Inspection of tyres / bottom bracket and anything else that might be a future problem.
    “Professional riders: before a sportive or a race make sure you are ready for the depart”
    • Everything stripped, checked with torque tools, greased, lubed, pumped up and tightened
    • Anything that needs replacing will be replaced. 100% pro set up.